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Disposable Hearing Aid Battery Care Tips

Zinc Air Battery

Zinc-air batteries are our most commonly used traditional “disposable” Hearing Aid Batteries. They come in 10, 312, 13, and 675 sizes and require the user to pull a pull tab from the positive side of the battery to charge. It works by exposing pores in the battery, allowing oxygen in the air to oxidize with the zinc and create an electrical charge.

The less time it takes to change batteries, the more time you can enjoy life.

Get the most out of your hearing aid battery with these 5 helpful tips:

  1. According to the “Five Minute Rule“, Wait 5 minutes after removing the tab of your hearing aid battery to allow air to fully power the battery before inserting it into your hearing aid device.
  2. Do not remove the tab on your Zinc Air Battery until you are ready to use it. Replacing the tab when the battery is not in use will not extend the life of the battery.
  3. Store extra batteries at room temperature, not in the refrigerator or freezer.
  4. Don’t carry loose batteries in your purse or pocket — contact with coins or keys can short-circuit batteries.
  5. Open the door on your hearing aid device when not in use to avoid moisture buildup that could impact battery life.

Zinc Air Battery Parameter

SizeColor CodeDimensions (WxH)Typical UsesVoltageTypical CapacityWeight
675 BatterySize 675 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Battery
11.6mm x 5.4mmPower BTE hearing aids1.45V650mAh1.83g
13 BatterySize 13 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Battery
7.9mm x 5.4mmBTE hearing aids
ITE hearing aids
312 BatterySize 312 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Battery
7.9mm x 3.6mmMini BTE hearing aids
RITE hearing aids
ITC hearing aids
10 BatterySize 10 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Battery
5.8mm x 3.6mmMini RITE hearing aids
CIC hearing aids