RIC Hearing Aids

The Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) style is an open-fit hearing aid that sits behind your ear and feeds sound through a thin tube that connects to your ear canal. It’s one of the smallest types of Behind the Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid.

RIC hearing aids are discreet, with the largest part (containing the battery) discreetly hidden behind your ear. A thin, transparent tube runs from the top of your ear to the ear canal where the cone speaker is located. The speaker is designed to allow some air to pass through, reducing the blocking effect or feeling of “clogging”.

Despite their small size, RIC hearing aids have plenty of room for a variety of functions and are relatively easy to manually adjust, remove and insert.

Standard BTE models typically place the loudspeakers in the enclosure behind the ear, although RIC hearing aids place the speaker in the ear canal. This model requires less energy and uses less battery as the sound is transferred directly to the ear.

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