AUDIOTOP® Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aids with Power Bank, 16 Channels


  • Newest Algorithm with Clearer Sound
  • High Precision Noise Reduction for Clearer Listening
  • Portable Charging Box with a “power bank”, which can charge the hearing aids 3 times without plug-in
  • Automatic Feedback Cancellation
  • Convenient and Economical
RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids
AUDIOTOP® Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aids with Power Bank, 16 Channels $269.00 $209.00
Wholesale and Custom
  • CE, FDA and RoHS certification
  • OEM and ODM are Available

This Model E6 Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids are Rechargeable Hearing Aids, equipped with an advanced hearing aid algorithm. lt provides 16 channels of fine adjustment, with up to 12 dB environmental noise suppression, enabling hearing-impaired patients to listen clearly and naturally in noisy environments.

RIC Hearing Aids are popular because of their discreet appearance and comfort. Technological advancements have also made them more versatile with stream options such as wireless connectivity and streaming. It’s one of the smallest types of BTE. RIC hearing aids are discreet with the largest part (containing the battery) tucked discreetly behind your ear.

This Open-fit RIC hearing aid allows not only reduced occlusion or “plugged up” sensations in the ear canal, but also increases comfort, reduces feedback, and addresses cosmetic concerns for many users.

This is OTC Hearing Aid, which is more convenient for dispenser sales, it can be sold at wholesalers/dealers, supermarkets, pharmacies, hearing clinics, hearing centers, amazon, Walmart, online shops, etc.

RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid E6 Diagram

“Smile” Curve, Stylish Invisible

Open-Fitting Type, Comfortable to Wear
Open-fitting domes reduce the occlusion effect making listening and wearing more comfortable.

Sleek and Compact, Invisible to Wear
The hearing aid is designed with a streamlined and rounded appearance and the bottom looks like water droplets. It seems as if a fashionable piece is hidden behind the ear, making the hearing aid more unnoticeable.

  1. Power ON/OFF
  2. Volume Control/Program Switch
  3. Hearing aid
  4. Microphone
  5. Sound Tube
  6. Ear Dome (Multiple Choices)

Newest Algorithm with Clearer Sound

Multi-Channel Fitting

The newest optimized algorithm, with an ultra-low delay of fewer than 5 milliseconds, eliminates the possible mixing sound and finely divides the signal into 16 channels. Each channel processes the voice sound independently to enhance the listening quality and clarity.

High Precision Noise Reduction for Clearer Listening

Digital intelligent noise suppression provides up to 12dB ambient noise cancellation, achieving accurate noise reduction without lowering speech signals, and making listening more precise.

Automatic Feedback Cancellation

Automatic feedback learning eliminates sound feedback intelligently with effective suppression of whistling and noise reduction for superior sound quality.

Simple Operation, More Convenient

Adjustable 2 Keys, Easy operation

There are 2 buttons on the device to adjust the volume and the programs of the hearing aid which are easy to operate and convenient to use.

3 Programs Switch Easily

There are 3 listening programs built into the device which are convenient for users to switch freely in different listening environments for ensuring the comfort and clarity of sound.

RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Colorful and Fashionable

Hearing aid with 4 colors, and users can choose their favorite colors whatever they like.

Portable Charging

Lithium-ion rechargeable design, the hearing aid can work continuously for about 20 hours after being fully charged.

Exquisite Charging Box

This product is equipped with an exquisite, compact, and portable charging box with a “power bank”, which can charge the hearing aids 3 times without plug-in.

Convenient Operation

Plug in and charge, easy to operate. There are battery indicators outside the charging box so you can see the battery status immediately and feel comfortable to use.

RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid Charger

Acoustic Parameters

Peak Gain (dB)40.9
HFA FOG (dB)36.4
Frequency Range200Hz-5500Hz
THD at 500Hz0.40%
THD at 800Hz0.30%
THD at 1600Hz0.30%
Eq.Input Noise Level (dB)23.6
Current Drain (mA)1.59
Attack Time (ms)4
Release Time (ms)50

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