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Dynamic Speakers

A dynamic speaker refers to a type of loudspeaker that uses a diaphragm or cone to produce sound. It is the most common type of speaker found in audio systems.

How it works:

A dynamic speaker typically consists of a diaphragm (cone), voice coil, and magnet. When an electrical current flows through the voice coil, it interacts with the magnetic field provided by the magnet, causing the diaphragm to vibrate and produce sound waves.


  • Widely used in audio systems
  • Good for a wide range of frequencies
  • Relatively simple design


  • Earphone, headphone
  • Home audio systems
  • Car audio systems
  • Professional audio setups
  • Public address systems

Spieth’s Main Dynamic Speaker

SeriesPictureDimensionSensitivity (1KHz)
SDS-SM-4.8dynamic-speaker-SDS-SM-4.8Φ4.8*4.6H89± 3 dB
SDS-SP-5.0dynamic-speaker-SDS-SP-5.0Φ5.0*4.5H90±3 dB
SDS-SP-5.6dynamic-speaker-SDS-SP-5.6Φ5.6*4.2H90±3 dB
SDS-SP-5.8dynamic-speaker-SDS-SP-5.8Φ5.8*4.1H89± 3 dB
SDS-SM-6.0dynamic-speaker-SDS-SM-6.0Φ6*3.8H97± 3 dB
SDS-SP-7.0dynamic-speaker-SDS-SP-7.0Φ7.0*4.4H94± 3 dB
SDS-SM-12.0dynamic-speaker-SDS-SM-12.0Φ12.0*3.5H107±3 dB
SDS-SM-13.0dynamic-speaker-SDS-SM-13.0Φ13.0*3.6H116±3 dB
SDS-SM-13.6dynamic-speaker-SDS-SM-13.6Φ13.6*4.7H106±3 dB
SDS-SM-14.0dynamic-speaker-SDS-SM-14.0Φ14.0*3.8H116±3 dB
SDS-SM-14.2dynamic-speaker-SDS-SM-14.2Φ14.2*4.0H119±3 dB
SDS-D-9.2dynamic-speaker-SDS-D-9.2Φ9.2*4.7H106±3 dB
SDS-SP-40.0dynamic-speaker-SDS-SP-40.0Φ40*6.4116±3 dB
SDS-SP-50.0dynamic-speaker-SDS-SP-50.0Φ50.0*8.9H112±3 dB

Why Choose Spieth Dynamic Speaker?

Spieth is committed to developing state-of-the-art Dynamic speakers that excel in terms of bandwidth, sensitivity, and dynamic sound. We offer dual-dynamic and dynamic-piezo speakers, which are ideal for high-end sound systems that require a balanced sound with a clear woofer and tweeter effect.

Spieth’s dynamic speakers are designed to produce a wide range of audio frequencies. The Spieth tweeters, in particular, are known for producing high frequencies that are clear, crisp, and detailed. We use piston motions for sound production, which allows them to cover most of the audio spectrum. These tweeters are often small, lightweight, and easy to integrate into speaker designs, making them a popular choice for home theater or stereo systems where tweeter performance is crucial. They are similar to ribbon tweeters in that they have an extended high end and a natural sound, but their design makes them more durable because there are no diaphragms or ultra-light voice coils like you find on other tweeters.

In addition to dynamic speakers, Spieth also offers dynamic piezo speakers. Piezoelectric speakers, also known as piezo benders, use the piezoelectric effect to generate sound. They are known for their wide dynamic range and are often used in applications where a thin, lightweight speaker is required.

Spieth is continuously developing new products and acoustic systems following customer specifications and requirements. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of audio technology to deliver the ultimate sound experience.