AUDIOTOP® Affordable Rechargeable BTE Open Fit Hearing Aids, 11 Channels


  • Newest High-End Core Algorithm
  • Charging Design
  • Auto feedback cancellation & intelligent noise reduction
  • 11 channels & crystal clear sound
  • 100 hours super long endurance
  • OEM/ODM Hearing Aids Available
Rechargeable BTE Open Fit Hearing Aids
AUDIOTOP® Affordable Rechargeable BTE Open Fit Hearing Aids, 11 Channels $258.00 $158.00
Wholesale and Custom
  • CE, FDA and RoHS certification
  • OEM and ODM are Available

The BTE open-fit hearing aid is an affordable digital rechargeable hearing aid. It adopts an open-ear design and has a high-end core algorithm. It delicately processes every sound in the ear, making listening more natural and clear. It has a fashionable appearance and friendly design, more light and comfortable to use. Equipped with a super long battery life charging box, it can supply the hearing aid to work continuously for 100 hours, enjoying comfortable listening.

Newest High-End Core Algorithm

Multi-channel acoustic signal processing and wide dynamic range compression enable the sound of each channel to be independently calculated, improving the compensation of hearing degree to realize accurate and comfortable listening.

These Rechargeable Hearing Aids can intelligently recognize speech sound and environmental noise, improving the speech signal while suppressing noise. The noise reduction is up to 12dB, and the voice recognition is greatly enhanced, so as to ensure that users can hear clearly voices in noisy environments.

Its rechargeable hearing aid has an ultra-low signal delay of 5 milliseconds can reduce the distortion and transmission loss of sound, and make the sound more natural and authentic.

The affordable digital rechargeable Hearing Aids support listening in different scenarios with 3 programs, accurately matching listening needs, and listening to what I hear.

Charging Design

In addition to the charging design, the hearing aids are also equipped with a stylish and environmentally friendly magnetic charging case, which is easy to carry. After the hearing aid is fully charged, it can be used with the charging box, and the long battery life is 100 hours.

Multi-functional Volume Control, Listening Without Efforts

You can adjust the volume and program with one key. It is easy to understand and operate.

Intelligent and Auto Feedback Cancellation

The hearing aid has multiple adaptive acoustic feedback that can effectively suppress howling and improve wearing comfort.

Tiny but Powerful

The hearing aids are tiny and exquisite in appearance, easy to carry, the core is “powerful”, and the maximum fitting range is over 70dB.

OEM/ODM Hearing Aids Available

We can provide both OEM and ODM hearing aid service, which means size, quantity, design, packing solution, etc will depend on your requests and your logo will be customized on our products. If you are looking for a reliable hearing aid supplier, please contact us.

Acoustic Parameters

HFA OSPL90 (dBSPL)105.9
FOG 50 Peak (dB)41.2
FOG 50 HFA (dB)34.5
Frequency RangeF1≤200Hz, F2≥5535Hz
THD at 500Hz0.60%
THD at 800Hz0.10%
THD at 1600Hz0.20%
Eq.Input Noise Level (dB)24.6
Battery Current Drain (mA)1.4
Attack Time (ms)7
Release Time (ms)194

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