AUDIOTOP® Completely in Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids, T Series



Light and portable, easy to carry.
You may forget you are wearing it.

instantfit CIC hearing aids
AUDIOTOP® Completely in Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids, T Series $165.00$524.00
Wholesale and Custom
  • CE, FDA and RoHS certification
  • OEM and ODM are Available

AUDIOTOP® T Series Completely in Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid features invisible, easy operation, and high clarity. it is a non-programmable invisible CIC hearing aid. More convenient for dispenser sales, and also, more convenient for users to change volume through handy VC.

This Digital CIC Hearing Aid uses a Zinc-Air battery 10A, with VC, or pushes the button for the users.

Suitable for mild and moderate users with conduction, sensorineural and mixed hearing loss.

AUDIOTOP® CIC Hearing Aids are Over-the-counter (OTC) Hearing Aids, that can be sold at wholesalers/dealers, supermarkets, pharmacies, hearing clinics, hearing centers, amazon, Walmart, online shops, etc.

CIC hearing aid Mini Bionic Design

Mini Bionic Design

Light and portable, easy to carry.
You may forget you are wearing it.

CIC hearing aids wearing tips

  1. Insert the battery
  2. Close the battery tank
  3. Find microphone
  4. Block the microphone completely with your finger
  5. Put in the hearing aids and adjust it
  6. Release the finger after it is completely inserted
CIC hearing aid wearing tips

T Series CIC Hearing Aids Acoustic Parameters

Peak Gain (dB)39
HFA FOG (dB)34
Frequency RangeF1≤200Hz, F2≥7610Hz
THD at 500/800/1600Hz0.4%/0.3%/0.1%
Eq.Input Noise Level (dB)23.5
Battery Current Drain (mA)1.5

T Series CIC Hearing Aids Function List

Noise Reduction6dB9dB12dB15dB18dB
Feedback Cancellation5 Level5 Level5 Level5 Level5 Level
Sudden Impulsive Noise Management2 Level3 Level3 Level4 Level5 Level
Push Button/VCVCVCPush Button/VCPush Button/VCPush Button/VC
Program Switch Control
Low Power Indicator

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Quantity (pieces)1 – 200201 – 1000>1000
Lead Time (days)720To Be Negotiated

Additional information

Color: No selection

Beige, Red Blue

Channel: No selection

02, 04, 06, 08, 10

Left or Right: No selection

Left, Right, Pair


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