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What is the 5-minute rule for hearing aid batteries?


The 5-minute rule for Hearing Aid Batteries:

Allow the battery to rest for 5 minutes after removing the sticker. This resting time will enable the air to activate the battery, which can expand its life by days.

An eighth-grader in Rochester, Minnesota, once made a money-saving discovery for hearing aid users: Waiting five minutes to put a newly activated battery in a hearing aid extended battery life by two to three days.

Ethan Manuell, who wears a hearing aid in his left ear, studies the effect of “waiting time” on battery life. To activate a new battery, the user needs to remove a sticker from the battery and allow the oxygen to mix with the zinc oxide inside the battery. Manuell ran a test to see if waiting longer before putting the battery in the device would make a difference.

He found that if the user waits 5 minutes after removing the sticker, the battery will last up to 3 days longer, which is a significant increase over the usual 2 to 7 days of battery life (depending on the model).

Manuell has won several awards, including the U.S. Naval Science Award, and was recognized for his discovery of the “Five Minute Rule.”

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