Hearing Aids Silver Plated Copper 30mm Tinned Hearing Aid Litz Wire

Wholesale and Custom
  • CE, FDA and RoHS certification
  • OEM and ODM are Available

hearing Aid Litz Wire, often referred to as simply “Litz Wire” in the context of Hearing Aids, is a specialized type of wire used in the construction of hearing aid components.

Relevance in Hearing Aids:

In hearing Aids, Litz Wire is used for wiring components like the receiver (the speaker that delivers sound to the ear), the microphone, and other electrical connections within the device. It is chosen for its ability to efficiently carry electrical signals, even at higher frequencies, and its resistance to electromagnetic interference. The insulated strands in Litz Wire reduce skin effects and other losses that can occur in high-frequency applications, making it ideal for the miniature, high-performance components found in hearing aids.

Litz Wire is an important component in hearing aid manufacturing, as it ensures that the device operates with the best possible electrical efficiency and minimal interference, helping users to hear more clearly and with less interference from external signals.

Hearing Aid Litz Wire Details

  • Pretinned Silver-plated copper alloy Lite wire
  • Length: 30mm, Green
  • Diameter: 7 x 0.05mm
  • One Box includes 1000pcs.
Wire typeSilver-plated copper alloy wire
InsulationPolyurethane with nylon topcoat, Grade 2, heavily built
DesignAvailable in selected designs
ApplicationsHearing aids, High-quality headphones, Medical equipment, Military equipment, earphones
ColorsAvailable in red, Green, yellow, blue, pink, black, Other colors can be customized
SpecificationsStandard 1 x 0.18mm, 7 x 0.05mm, 7 x 0.032mm, 5 x 0.05mmOther specifications can be customized
LengthCustom defined. Min L= 6mm. Max L= 200mm. Length: 30mm