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Portable Diagnostic Audiometer AD104




Minimalism Style Connect PC Via USB, Fast And Stable For Printing

Certificate: CE/ISO13485

Supply Ability: 200 Sets per Month


Portable Diagnostic Audiometer AD104
Portable Diagnostic Audiometer AD104 $1,980.00 $1,860.00

The Portable Diagnostic Audiometer AD104 is a Pure Tone Audiometer, ideal for hearing screening work in schools, medical centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, enterprises, etc.

AD104 Audiometer operation of Hearing Test

Test function: air conduction (AC), bone conduction (BC). Free sound field (SPK)

With a built-in microphone, easy to communicate with the tester.

With a standard USB 2.0 data interface, the Audiometry data can be saved after connecting to the workstation. According to the National. The Occupational Health Standard of the People’s Republic of China can analyze and generate professional noise diagnosis reports.

Custom report Logo and name can be set through the workstation, and an A4 or B5 format report can also be generated.

Frequency and maximum output intensity

FrequencyAC dB HLAC dB HLBC dB HL
HzTDH39Ear-Tone 5AB71

Audiometer AD104 Technical specifications

Channels:Two independent output channels
Air conduction:(1) Frequency: 125Hz~8000Hz; (2) Hearing level: -10~110dB
Bone Conduction:(3) Frequency: 250Hz~6000Hz. (4) Hearing level: -10~60dB
The allowable error of frequency:±2%
Test Signal:Pure tone, Pulse, Warble tone, Narrow band noise
Microphone:With a built-in microphone, easy to communicate with the tester
Display screen:LCD display, Precise numerical display
Distortion factor:Air conduction is less than 2.5%, bone conduction is less than 5.5%
Masking:Air conduction and Bone conduction Contralateral Masking
The accuracy:Continuous attenuation/Step 5dB, error 1dB
Protection Function:Protect the tester’s hearing from damage as far as possible
Computer interface:USB2.0 data transmission interface can be connected with PC for printing test report
Online Diagnosis:Self-analysis and generation of occupational noise-induced hearing loss diagnosis report according to the “National Occupational Health Standards of the People’s Republic of China”
Operating environment:Temperature 10°C~40°C, Relative humidity 30%~90%, Pressure 86 kPa~ 106 kPa
Warm-up time:5 to 10 minutes
Mean time between failures≥1000h
Host size:43cm*30cm*11cm
Power adapter:input 100V-240V~50/60Hz 1.5A; Output DC 12V/4A
Output:TDH 39 Air Conduction Earphone, B71 Bone Conduction Earphone
Safety standard:GB 9706.1-2007 GB/T 14710-2009
Audiometer reference standard:GB/T 7341.1-2010 JJG 388-2012
Production license number:Guangdong Food and Drug Administration Production No.20091764
Standard accessories:TDH39 Air Conduction Headset, B71 Bone Conduction Headset, Transponder, Power Cable, USB Data Cable, PC Software, Audiometer Aluminum Box

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