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World Hearing Day 2023

World Hearing Day is an annual event that is celebrated on March 3rd to raise awareness about Hearing Loss and promote ear health. This day is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is observed globally to encourage people to take care of their hearing and prevent hearing loss. The theme of World Hearing Day 2023 is “Hearing Care for All: Screen, Rehabilitate, Communicate.”

World Hearing Day

Hearing Loss is a significant public health issue that affects millions of people worldwide. According to the WHO, approximately 466 million people suffer from hearing loss, and this number is expected to increase to 630 million by 2030 and 900 million by 2050. Hearing loss can have a profound impact on an individual’s quality of life, communication, social interaction, and mental health. It can also have a significant economic impact on society, as it can affect productivity and lead to increased healthcare costs.

The goal of World Hearing Day is to increase public awareness about the importance of ear and hearing care and promote early identification and intervention for hearing loss. The theme for this year’s World Hearing Day emphasizes the need for screening, rehabilitation, and communication for all people with hearing loss. This theme highlights the importance of identifying hearing loss early and providing appropriate interventions to improve communication and quality of life for those affected.

The causes of hearing loss include congenital and acquired factors.

Congenital lesions include:

  1. Severe jaundice transferred from the newborn period (from birth to 28 days). As a result, the baby’s hearing nerve was affected.
  2. Infectious diseases are contagious during pregnancy.
  3. The prescription and dosage of some special drugs taken by mothers during pregnancy are incorrect or the doctor will be used without consulting the doctor.
  4. The baby is low or extremely low at birth.
  5. Lise oxygen during childbirth.

But there are also acquired reasons for hearing loss:

  1. Have infectious metastatic diseases.
  2. otitis media manifested as the effusion.
  3. Feeling the cells during the natural aging process of the human body.
  4. Delay the injury of the ears, ear canal, and head.
  5. Unexpected entertainment activities exposed to loud noise.
  6. Incorrect prescriptions and violating the formulation of treatment strategies use of a variety of drugs.

Listening loss seems to be difficult to detect at first. Therefore, from the initial sign of the problem to contacting an expert, it may take 5-7 years, and the hearing will continue to get worse during this period. This is why it is important to check your hearing regularly.

So how do we protect our ears?

  1. Stay away from the noise and continuous high-strength scenes.
    Large noise can cause noise deafness, and explosive sounds can cause explosive deafness.
  2. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol and ototoxic drugs.
    Such as rinse-in, glycinin, daptomycin, etc., because they have a toxic effect on listening to the nerves.
  3. Keep optimistic.
    When human emotions are excited, adrenaline secretion increases, causing spasms in the inner ear’s small arteries, slow blood flow in the small blood vessels, leading to blood disorders, and insufficient inner ear oxygen supply is prone to deafness.
  4. Use cautiously or disable the listening nerves.
    Before the medication of damaged drugs, you should carefully read the drug manual or ask the doctor if there is ototoxicity. Those who have a history of allergens in the family should use the medicine carefully.
  5. Frequent massage.
    Massage the auricle, pinch the earlobe, massage the Fengchi acupoint, etc. You can also sit with your eyes closed, place your index fingers into two ear holes, and then quickly leave 10 consecutive times.
  6. Clear the ear carefully.
    The skin of the outer ear canal is more tender, the connection with the cartilage is relatively close, the subcutaneous tissue is small, and the blood circulation is poor. If it is improper when digging your ears, it is easy to cause damage and infection of the external ear canal, causing the external ear canal to be swollen and inflamed. It may also hurt the tympanic membrane, resulting in perforation of the tympanic membrane, and causing hearing to decrease.
  7. Pay attention to the “60-60-60 principle”.
    It is recommended that the volume of the headset is less than 60dB, the volume of the headset is less than 60% of the maximum volume, and the continuous use of the headset is less than 60 minutes.