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Why are open-fit hearing aids so popular?

Mini Silver BTE open-fit hearing aid

Open-fit Hearing Aids are styles that do not block the ear canal. Despite their resurgence in popularity in recent years, open-fit Hearing Aids are not new. The main reason they’re back in fashion is that their biggest problem — feedback — isn’t a big deal anymore. Even basic hearing aids now have advanced feedback management systems that can help detect and eliminate it before it reaches your ears.

Natural listening experience
In addition to eliminating feedback, open-fit hearing aids also provide a more natural listening experience. Instead of the “barrel effect”, the sound is free to move around the receiver and into the ear canal. This allows you to hear background noise naturally, while the sounds you most need to hear clearly, such as voices, are fed through your hearing aids.

No custom accessories required
Open-fit hearing aids also do not require ear molds. Because audiologists don’t have to take an impression of your ear and send it to a custom fit, they can fit your hearing aids right in the office. You might even leave with them on the same day. This is an ideal feature for those who have hard-to-fit hearing aids or just want to reduce the hassle.

Cosmetic appeal and durability
The shell of an open hearing aid is carefully placed behind the ear, with a small tube connecting it to the ear canal. Many people find this style more aesthetically pleasing than styles with ear molds or visible outside the ear. Because hearing aid components are installed further from the ear canal, they are also less susceptible to damage from moisture and earwax. This can prolong the life of the hearing aid.