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What happens to our ears over time?

Ear Growth

Did you know that your ears will continue to grow throughout your life?

Once a group of doctors got together to try to solve a living mystery – do our ears grow over time?

They measured the ears of 200 patients over the age of 30 and found that the size of the ears increased by an average of 0.22 millimeters per year — about 1 centimeter over 50 years.

Some scientists believe that ear growth may be due to the loss of elasticity of the skin over time, allowing ear tissue to sag and stretch.

Earlobes with earrings may gradually sag under their weight.

The shape of the ear changes over time, which means that the Mold Earbuds need to be updated after 5 years.

Why 5 years?

Most Ear Dome have a lifespan of about 3-6 years; we’ve determined through product testing that our earbuds stand the test of time! The only thing they can’t control is the human factor.

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