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Why shouldn’t clean our ears with cotton swabs or Q-Tip?

Clean ear with swabs

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a brown, orange, red, yellow, or gray waxy substance secreted in the ear canal.

Earwax can be very distressing for many people because not only does it impede hearing, but it also smells bad and makes people feel very sick.

Cleaning the ears with a swab is the most common way for many people, and some people even consider it a very comfortable and pleasant thing.

swabs push the earwax further down the ear canal

Never use Cotton Swabs (Q-Tips or cotton buds), as doing so may push the earwax further down the ear canal, if used carelessly, perforate the eardrum. Abrasion of the ear canal, especially after the water has entered from swimming or bathing, can lead to ear infections. Also, the cotton head may fall off and get stuck in the ear canal. Therefore, cotton swabs should only be used to clean the outer ear.

It’s important to realize nothing should be placed inside the ear to remove dirt and debris, it’s dangerous and maybe cause hearing loss or damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

In fact, Earwax is not as dirty as we think. Our ears have the function of self-cleaning, and many people do not need to clean their ears in their entire lives. Earwax is an ear secretion that can sterilize and protect the ear canal. If it is cleaned up, it will be harmful.