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Look for the cause of hearing loss in the outer, middle, or inner ear

Ear Structure

The cause of Hearing Loss can be found in the outer ear, middle ear, or inner ear. Malfunction of the outer ear or middle earphones can lead to hearing loss, known as conductive hearing loss. Conversely, damage to the inner ear is called sensorineural hearing loss or inner ear hearing loss. It is also possible to have both conditions at the same time, called mixed hearing loss.

External ear

Wax plugging, as well as ear canal infections, usually heal quickly. To avoid serious damage, such situations must be dealt with promptly.

Middle ear

The most common causes of the middle ear are inflammation, damage to the eardrum, and otosclerosis. This is the calcification of the auditory ossicles. Most injuries can be treated with medicines or surgery.

Inner ear

Most causes of hearing loss are related to the inner ear. Hearing, especially, gets worse with age. The increase in life expectancy has also made more elderly people deaf. But surprisingly, younger people are also on the rise – older people make up only a third of those with hearing loss. Hearing loss can be caused by loud noises, loud music, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle, high blood pressure, or smoking. Certain medications, physical injuries, or diseases (such as tumors on the auditory nerve) can also cause hearing loss.

This damages the sensory cells of the cochlea. This condition usually cannot be treated with medication, instead hearing aids are worn.