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How to get used to your hearing aids?

Wearing a hearing aid is crucial in improving your hearing and quality of life. However, getting used to Hearing Aids takes time. They don’t work perfectly the moment you put them on. This is a gradual process that requires the frequent wearing of your hearing aids until you are fully used to them.

What can I expect?

get used to your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can help you hear speech better, but you may feel overwhelmed by sounds you haven’t heard in a long time. From traffic and machinery noise to air conditioning systems, and even your own voice. Sounds may also be perceived as unnatural and strange at first, and some sounds may even be annoying.

When you lose your hearing, the areas of your brain that process sound don’t get enough stimulation. Without this stimulation, the brain begins to rewire itself and use that area for other tasks. Once you start wearing hearing aids, your brain needs to rewire itself again. It needs to accommodate all the sounds you hear again. It needs to relearn which sounds to focus on and which to filter out.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. With more time and experience, your brain adjusts. It will better handle wanted sounds and minimize unwanted background noise. Over time, you get so used to using your hearing aids that you may even forget you’re wearing them.

6 Tips for getting used to your hearing aid:

We want the transition to hearing aids to be as easy as possible. Hope the following tips can help you:

  1. Start with short listening sessions

    While it is recommended that you wear your hearing aids 24/7, you can start with brief listening sessions. Then, slowly increase the wearing time to get used to them. It takes energy to retrain your brain to process sounds you miss. So, it’s normal to feel nervous and tired at first.

  2. Wear your hearing aids in an environment you are familiar with.

    Wearing them in places with a lot of background noise can be overwhelming at first. Start by wearing your hearing aids in a known, calm, controlled environment, such as your home. In this way, you can identify and listen to several known sounds that you may not have heard in a while. Keep an eye out for a boiling kettle or a ticking clock.

  3. Adapt to your own voice

    One of the most common complaints from first-time hearing aid users is that their voice sounds weird. Read aloud to yourself from time to time to get used to your own voice. Then you’ll feel more comfortable talking to friends and family.

  4. Be consistent!

    Your hearing aids should be worn every day. Don’t use them occasionally, or your brain won’t get enough stimulation to adapt. You will not benefit from AUDIOTOP hearing aids in the way you should.

  5. Practice in different environments, such as a crowded restaurant or a quiet park.

    All the background noise may feel challenging at first. Soon, though, you won’t want to leave the house without your hearing aids.

  6. Talk to family and friends while wearing your hearing aids. This will help you become more used to listening to them.