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Hearing aid volume accessories for all major hearing aid brands

Main parts of VC, Trimmer, Button Switch and Litz wire

Hearing aid volume accessories are available from us in a wide range of styles and sizes. Whether you need a basic volume control device or a more advanced wireless accessory, we have the perfect solution for you, they are all compliant RoHS. These accessories can help you adjust the volume on your Hearing Aids to better hear the sounds you love. Our accessories are carefully designed to ensure you get the best listening experience.

In addition to hearing aid volume accessories, we also offer a variety of accessories such as Zinc Air Button Batteries for Hearing Aids, Headphones for Audiometers, Silicone Hearing Aid Domes, Portable Diagnostic Audiometers, Audio Processors, Ear Impression Material, Tube Connector, Dry Cases, and Wax Guard, etc. Our products are designed to work with all major hearing aid brands.

Main parts of VC, Trimmer, Button Switch, and Litz wire:

Product PhotoModel No.Description
Wheel Volume Control Model 75007500PJ 77 with Snap-on Ring
6mm VC, Wheel Volume Control with or without knob
Leaded Style Volume Control with Switch 70007000Volume Control PJ 185
4mm VC, Leaded Style Volume Control with Switch
Miniature Trimmer 010501052.54mm Trimmer, Miniature Trimmer
Ultra Miniature Trimmer 19001900Trimmer PJ 63 200Kom
1.9mm Trimmer, Ultra Miniature Trimmer
Button Switch 25002500Button D 2800/PB 95
2.5mm Button Switch
Push Button Switch 24002400Push Button Switch PB-100-H01-T01-210
1.9mm Button Switch
Litz Wire for Hearing Aids10.18, 70.05, 70.032, 50.05, etc.Litz Wire Compliant RoHS, Structure can be customized

Our products have Wide Varieties, Complete Specifications, Novelty Styles, and Reliable Quality, have passed CE and FDA certification, and are already exported to the USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, U.A.E, Chile, Canada, Japan, Russia, Middle East, and Africa countries.

We have our own brand AUDIOTOP® Hearing Aids, and supply clients with OEM or ODM as well. Welcome, all Importers, wholesalers, and hospital buyers to get in touch with us and have good lasting cooperation together!