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“CIC” Hearing Aids: Unlocking a World of Sound and Unmatched Discretion


hearing Loss is a common health issue for middle-aged and elderly people, but many people are worried about hearing Aids that need to be worn on the ears. This inspired a new type of hearing aid – the “CIC” completely-in-canal hearing aid. This article will explore the features, applicability and proper use of “CIC” hearing Aids.

Features of “CIC” hearing aids:

The most significant feature of cic hearing Aids is their anonymity. Because they are designed to be placed in the ear canal, no traditional hearing aid accessory, such as ear muffs or headbands, is required, and using the CIC hearing aid in public will not attract attention. In addition, the CIC device is very small, often only the size of the first ring of the auricle, and is almost invisible.

Applicability of “CIC” hearing aids:

Since “CIC” hearing aids are only suitable for mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss, considering the specific types of hearing loss, the applicability can be considered from the following perspectives:

  • Sound frequency. For low-frequency sounds, there is often no hearing loss, and for medium- to high-frequency sound loss, they can be significantly improved with the help of CIC design.
  • Noise environment (such as noise background setting). In a quiet environment, even those with mild hearing loss can receive clear sound, but in noisy environments like Los Angeles, those with mild hearing loss may have difficulty and discomfort.
  • Patient age. Considering that people’s hearing peaks before adulthood, the older the age, the higher the risk of hearing loss, which means that concerns about self-image as “markers of age” become higher.

Proper use of “CIC” hearing aids:

Patients should pay attention to some usage points when using CIC hearing aids to achieve the best effect:

  • It is essential to customize regular CIC hearing aids professionally to avoid injuries or discomfort caused by inappropriate or too tight fits.
  • Before using CIC hearing aids, make sure to clean the ears to reduce unnecessary resistance and interference with the device.
  • After using CIC hearing aids, it is vital to maintain hygiene and maintenance frequently to keep them clean and stable. For example, cleaning and replacing built-in filter cores, batteries, etc.
  • When not using CIC hearing aids, store them in a ventilated and dry place to avoid equipment contamination by sweat or other liquids.


“CIC” hearing aids are a new type of hearing aids, the most significant feature of which is their ultra-small size, and they do not require traditional hearing aid accessories. However, they are not suitable for everyone, and there are some usage tips to pay attention to.

Therefore, before using CIC hearing aids, we should understand our hearing loss situation, consult the advice of professional doctors or hearing aid manufacturers such as Spieth Medical, select the most suitable hearing aid for ourselves, and give our body and mind the most comfortable and best feeling.