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Can a dead battery still fit in a hearing aid?

Hearing Aid Batteries usually use zinc-air batteries, which are more environmentally friendly than ordinary batteries. When using a zinc-air battery, the positive and negative electrodes should be placed correctly. There is a small label on the battery. Tear off the small label and wait for about 60 seconds to allow enough oxygen to enter to fully activate the electrochemical reaction.

Can I still put it in my hearing aid if the battery runs out?

Can’t. The battery will not be used in the hearing aid for a long time, or the used battery will be in an over-discharged state, which may easily lead to leakage or excessive expansion of the battery. Parts damaged.

How are Hearing Aid Batteries stored?

Usually, hearing aid batteries can be stored at room temperature. In summer, they can be stored in a relatively cool and dry place at home, especially not in a place where the sun can be directly exposed; avoid storing in overheated places, which will shorten the service life; even if It is a high-temperature day, and the battery cannot be stored in the refrigerator; when going out, put the battery in a special battery storage box or the portable case of the hearing aid, and do not put it in a pocket, in order to prevent the battery from coming into contact with metal and causing a short circuit, leaks or ruptures; keep out of reach of children.

When replacing the battery, it is recommended that you sit on a sofa or in a carpeted room to avoid damage to your hearing aids from falling.

Friendly reminder: Your hearing aid may stop working, for example, if the battery runs out. You should be aware of this possibility and pay attention to the low battery beeping alarm. It is recommended to carry two spare batteries with you. To adjust the pitch and loudness of the beep, consult your hearing care professional